A Close shave

January 10, 2017

A farming family’s cow had a ‘Close’ shave recently when one of the Red Angus Senepol stud was found with its head stuck in a hollow tree.

Anna-Grace Close and her father, Robert, were out in the paddock rounding up the cattle at their Harrow property, when they discovered the mischievous heifer, with its head lodged in the tree.

‘‘I was with Dad and we thought this was hilarious. It was very unusual and very amusing.

‘‘Then we got closer and it was quite seriously stuck,’’ Miss Close said.

Despite the father-daughter duo not knowing how or why the cow got stuck, there use of ropes and a crowbar saved the day.

‘‘The tree had soft bark so I could chip at it (the tree) around the cow’s ears. If not (soft bark), I would have had to use a chainsaw,’’ Mr Close said.

And when asked what the cow may have been interested in, Miss Close said ‘‘Nothing at all. It was just a bare tree.’’

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