Snake caught in baler

January 10, 2017

The snake slithered its way into the hay bale.

An Invergordon contractor got up close and personal with one of Australia’s deadliest breeds of snakes when he least expected it.

Luke Felmingham was baling hay at a property at Tallygaroopna last Wednesday morning when he saw something slithering in the bale.

‘‘I cut the strings (of the bale) and a snake started winding out of it,’’ Mr Felmingham said. ‘‘He was pretty beaten around.’’

Although he often sees snakes in his line of work, he did not want to get too close as he recognised it was a tiger snake.

‘‘(Tiger snakes) are quite poisonous, so they are better off staying away from me,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s still pretty rare to actually see a snake come out of the hay bale like that.’’

He said the snake was pretty beaten around when he saw it, and it would unfortunately have not survived the unexpected encounter with the hay baler.

With summer in full swing, he said there had been a lot of snakes in the paddocks.

‘‘It’s been a good year for everything, and because there is a lot of grain, there are lots of mice in the fields. And there are lots of snakes chasing the mice.’’

Mr Felmingham caught the unlikely encounter on his phone, and the video has been shared extensively on Twitter.

If left untreated, a bite from a tiger snake is said to be fatal between 40 and 50 per cent of the time.

—Barclay White

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