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June 20, 2017

The 1000 Vario Series is Fendt's biggest and most technically advanced tractors.

Fendt, a worldwide brand of AGCO, has announced the release of its biggest and most technically advanced tractors yet — the 1000 Vario Series.

With models ranging from 380 to 500 horsepower, the new range is hailed as the industry’s most powerful rigid-frame tractor and is designed to be put to work all year round across an array of tasks.

From heavy-draft work to front and rear linkage applications, the new 1000 Series blends massive power with clever technology.

‘‘The new 1000 Vario provides farmers and contractors with the ultimate versatility and cost savings,’’ Fendt product manager Donny Cloney said.

‘‘This new range can be used in many different applications such as seeding, pulling a chaser bin, spraying and baling, which up until now has required customers to invest in multiple tractors that can spend large periods of time in the shed.’’

To deliver the bulging power, Fendt has introduced the 12.4-litre, six-cylinder MAN engine into the range which uses a mix of Adblue and exhaust recirculation to keep it clean and deliver maximum torque at low engine revolutions.

Coupled with the Vario transmission, the 1000 Series is capable of speeds of 40km/h at an astonishingly low 950RPM and maximum torque is achieved at 1100RPM and is maintained all the way to 1500RPM, resulting in maximum fuel efficiency.

‘‘The cooling fan is independently driven by a hydraulic pump which maximises cooling efficiency and reduces engine load, so the tractor always produces maximum power,’’ Mr Cloney said.

The Fendt stepless Vario transmission, which has been the industry benchmark since its inception more than 20 years ago, has also been upgraded and includes another industry first of being able to drive both axles independently.

‘‘Conventional four-wheel drive tractors usually have a fixed torque ratio between the front and rear axle, but with the 1000 Series, torque is distributed over two transmission outputs independently on both axles. With the help of an intelligently controlled four-wheel clutch, torque can be shifted between the axles according to need, resulting in greater traction and a tighter turning circle,’’ Mr Cloney said.

The 1000 Vario achieves a top road speed of 50km/h as standard with the option of increasing maximum speed to 60km/h.

The Profiplus version of one of the new tractors features comprehensive chassis safety with Fendt stability control, independent wheel suspension, dual-circuit brakes, a reactive steering system and assistance systems for deceleration, which together lead to greater performance and safety on the road and in the field.

The 1000 Series also features optional Fendt grip assistant, which will select the optimum ballasting and tyre pressures once you enter the type of implement, the soil conditions and the desired speed; a new cab boasting a considerably higher level of operator comfort with more visibility than ever before; and a camera can also be fitted into the Dieselross emblem on the bonnet, offering unrivalled visibility to the front mounting area.

For more information about the new versatile Fendt 1000 Vario, contact your local Fendt dealer or visit:

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