Mini mixer makes debut

June 22, 2017

PFG are introducing Jaylor products to Aus.

Jaylor’s newest mini mixer wagon is coming to Australia, thanks to PFG Australia.

Requiring only a 45hp tractor, the 5275 Mini Mixer Wagon provides genuine Jaylor Total Mix Ration mixer technology in an 8.5 cubed metre twin auger mixer.

The compact 5275 provides high quality rations in circumstances where its larger brothers are too big and is designed to process round or square bales into a TMR.

The new mini mixer wagon brings quality feed opportunities to those with smaller operations, or when feeding specialty groups such as weaned calves or dry cows, or where space is limited.

Compared to its big brothers it loses nothing in power, strength and durability and it has the lowest horsepower requirement of any TMR mixer in its class.

The 5275 has a power take-off speed of 540RPM, and an auger speed of 41RPM and has a capacity ranging from 8.5 cubed metres to 10.6 cubed metres.

It has the heavy-duty build and design features of its big brothers, plus its ultra-low loading height of 2.1m adds the advantage of being able to use small skid steers for loading, as well providing clear vision over the top of the wagon for easier navigation.

For more information on Jaylor products, contact PFG Australia via:

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