Lucy almost lost in La La land

June 27, 2017

Lucy loves looking out the window at her bed.

Lucy enjoys riding in the ranger with her owner Brad Kellett.

Lucy the kelpie, heeler cross, with her owners Brad and Kate, of Terip Terip.

Lucy has a great relationship with the cattle.

Where did you get Lucy?

Kate: There were two kelpie-blue heeler dogs out at a Byrneside property looking for rehoming. They were at a large western horse training facility that could no longer accommodate dogs. As soon as I met her it was meant to be.

What is her personality like?

Kate: Lucy is exceptionally well behaved and a wonderful companion. She follows us everywhere and is brilliant with the cows and calves. She follows on command, never makes a mess and is happy to be wherever we are.

Brad: She’s an incredible dog. She knows what’s happening around the house.

How does she get on with the cattle?

Kate: She enjoys checking the herd, which she thinks is her herd, on a daily basis. Although the cows come when called, if they see Lucy their pace increases rapidly. However, she is a little apprehensive of the weaners and will often hide.

Where does she sleep?

Kate: She sleeps like the Queen of Sheba on an old antique chaise lounge covered in sheepskin. From here she can see the comings and goings of the farm from her window.

Has Lucy done anything unusual?

Kate: Yes. Most years I hand-rear orphan calves, usually two or three at a time. However, last year there was only one heifer, named La La. Lucy loved the early morning feeds and bonded with the calf from day one. She spent endless hours playing in the calf run and licking off surplus milk from the calf. As La La grew in size, Lucy unexpectedly began her own milk supply thinking she was the mother. We eventually had to bring in 20 small heifers to join up with La La so we could wean her off the dog.

Brad: We couldn’t believe when she started lactating!

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods

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