Record July high minimums in outback QLD, a prelude to substantial rain

July 10, 2017
During the last few days there has been some record high minimum temperatures for July recorded at some places in out back QLD.
Julia Creek with a minimum temperature of 21.4, Cloncurry with a minimum temperature of 22.0 and Emerald with 19.5 are all new records for July.

Julia creek's previous July record was 20.0 in July 1999 and this former record was broken two days beforehand on the 5th with a reading of 20.7.

Cloncurry's previous July record was 20.8 in July 1969. Emerald's previous July record was 19.1 in July 1920. There were several other high minimums for July at these 3 places which occurred last year , in 1993, 1950, and 1942.

Other stations to record high minimums for July were Mt. Isa which had it's warmest July night since 1969; Longreach which had it's warmest July night since last year; Winton which had it's warmest July night since last year and the third highest since the July 1981 record.

Normanton with a minimum temperature of 24.0 last Friday had it's warmest July night since 24.6 in 2010. Richmond, and two places across the NT border, Brunette Downs and Tennant Creek all recorded their warmest July night since 1993.

Heavy unseasonal rain has fallen at Tennant Creek, NT which is rare for July and has previously occurred in 1874, 1916, 1920, 1934, 1955, 1956, 1968, 1971, 1984,1986, 2010 and last year. Nearly all these previous cases led to above average rainfalls in our regions for the second half of the year. 

Looking at all the past years when high July minimums were recorded in outback QLD; it does look obvious that the second half of this year will be much wetter than average in NE Victoria, continuing into 2018.
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