Three’s the charm

July 11, 2017

Mack is the watch-dog at the Riggs Creek property.

Lyndal Dean, of Riggs Creek, with her three kelpies, Mack, Snowy and Bessie.

Snowy is the most boisterous of the three dogs.

How old are they?

Lyndal: Mack is 6, Snowy 9 and Bessie is 18.

Where did you get them?

Lyndal: Snowy and Bessie were Dad’s dogs. They came here in 2014 during the Creightons Creek bushfires. Dad wasn’t living at the farm at the time. He has passed on since, so we just kept them. Mack was at the vet’s at Euroa and he was looking for a home. We had just lost our first kelpie.

Keith: He had to have a trial to see if he would fit in, and he was on his best behaviour over the weekend. That all changed when we got him permanently.

Does that mean Mack has some bad habits?

Lyndal: Mack is pretty good at digging up the garden to bury bones and then dig them up again.

What are their personalities?

Lyndal: Snowy is big and boisterous. He’s a really nice dog and he’s obedient. Bessie and Snowy were both good working dogs at Dad’s sheep farm. Bessie is lovely and gentle, she’s deaf and blind and living out retirement. Mack is the friendliest, most useless dog. He’s good at chasing birds and balls — tennis balls are his favourite.

Do they have a favourite food?

Lyndal: Mack likes going through the scrap box. Bessie likes figs. The tree was covered and I couldn’t work out why they were going away. I’m guessing Dad fed her as they had a fig tree.

Have they gone on any adventures?

Lyndal: They have gone next door and ate out of the horse feed troughs.

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