Hot air and cold water

July 18, 2017
I spent a few days in Melbourne last week keeping an eye The Boss and it was nice for a change.

It's a noisy place, on the whole, and I can't hear the owls and corellas  at night, or the ibis winging their way over to the river to roost for the evening, but it's not so bad as people say.

There are spots along the Yarra where you don't feel hemmed in and they do some interesting things, like hang around in balloons on really cold mornings.

The Boss took us to a spot on Yarra Bend where the balloons try to land but it was pretty funny the other day because the breeze got up and they couldn't quite get down without digging up the oval, and they nearly ended up in the river.

The next day The Boss was tied up and he let us go out with our mate Tom, and his big Weimaraner, Captain. And they know some great places to go for dogs.

The Boss reckons the Yarra and the creeks that flow into it are just like the Goulburn - most people turn their backs on it and treat it like some sort of wasteland, but there's plenty to look and sniff at.

There's possums and foxes and hares and all sorts of critters leaving their tell-tale signs behind them and plenty of cold water to splash in as well.

Tom and Captain know all these spots and every time I go out with them, it's different. 

They pick up a heap of other dogs on the way and Tom sort of keeps  the order while we get to know each other and figure out who's who.

The only problem is you have to sit in the traffic a while to get home - but usually we're worn out so it's good to have a rest while Tom navigates.

I've been thinking The Boss should get Tom and Captain to move up to the Goulburn so he can entertain me while The Boss is at work. Now that's a good idea! Woof.
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