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July 21, 2017

Newly released Krone machinery, KWT1300 13m tedder with large transport wheels and horizontal folding.

Newly released Krone machinery EasyCut Trailed Centre pull-type mower features 10 cutting discs with SafeCut protection.

A new range of Krone machinery has options for all silage needs, with mowers, rakes and tedders on offer to fit a range of operations and needs.

Echuca CIH sales representative Leo Dullard said the new range of Swadro Rakes, the TC640 and the TC1000, offered a robust machine.

‘‘It’s a machine that will suit an owner-operator, it’s well priced and fitting for someone who’s going from a single rotor to a twin rotor, or a wheel rake to a rotor rake,’’ he said.

‘‘If it’s their first step into a rotary rake, then the TC is the place to go.’’

With working widths of 5.7m to 6.4m the TC640 is the smallest double rotor in the Krone range, while the new Swadro TC1000 offers the opposite, presenting the biggest double rotor rate in the Krone range.

Mr Dullard said the company’s EasyCut trailed centre mower conditioner, available in 4m and 5m models, offered two great features that were sure to set the machine apart, with individual disc protection and swift field to transport transition two of the big drawcards.

‘‘You can also put a transport kit on them and transfer them into transfer mode in about 30 seconds,’’ he said.

‘‘If you’re a contractor and you’re on the highways you won’t need to have escorts.’’

The Safecut hubs system with low-profile cutter bar allows for an even cut while still protecting the cutter bar when a disc comes into contact with a foreign object by shearing a roll pin in the pinion gear, sending the disc spinning up and away from neighbouring discs.

‘‘They’re a good machine and those couple of features are what’s going to sell the machine,’’ Mr Dullard said.

For those pushing their baler to the limit, the company’s Big Pack 1290 HDP XTreme enables faster production of high density bales, allowing for a greater capacity to get through the season.

With the same features as Krone’s Big Pack 1290 HDP High Speed, the Xtreme offers a more robust machine for those looking for reduced wear, maintenance and repair costs.

The Xtreme and High Speed models produce 120cm x 90cm bales that are up to 235cm in length.

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