Three’s not a crowd

August 09, 2017

Beloved companions... Sarah Moyston with sensitive Willow the Whippet.

Always busy...Frankie the Jack Russell has an unsuccessful passion for chasing rabbits.

She's a heart breaker... Willow is the Moystons' 'accidental' dog.

Lovely Lab... Olive the Labrador loves to chase sticks and she does a pretty good job of chewing them up when she's finished.

How did you end up with three dogs?

Olive (aged five) was our healing dog; we got her after we lost our old dog JD. She is a very sweet-natured and gentle dog. Frankie (aged three) came along as a playmate for Olive and Shayne has always loved Jack Russells. It didn’t take long for Frankie to wear Olive out. Willow was our accidental dog.

What do you mean by accidental?

We had spoken about getting a whippet before, it had come up in conversation. When we had the opportunity to look at some I said to Shayne ‘we are not taking one home today.’ Anyway, it was a cold and freezing day and we took one look at her eyes and out came the wallet and we brought her home of course.

We cleaned her up and she ended up spending the next few months sleeping in bed with us — she is super-spoilt.

What happens to the dogs while you are at work?

They generally spend the day outside and then it’s hot property to get inside and get the best spot near the fire. They also have to fight with the cat who loves to get in front of the fire too. All the dogs have different personalities but they love us unconditionally.

Tell me about their different personalities?

Olive is obedient, well-behaved and loves chasing sticks. Frankie and Willow love chasing Olive when she is chasing a stick; it’s a great game for the three of them.

Frankie is intense with her affection and sits on Shayne’s lap and just stares at him with love in her eyes. She also loves chasing rabbits even though she is not very successful at it.

Willow is very sensitive and a bit of a sook — if you growl at her and smack the table she will run away. She loves to sit in your lap and have a cuddle.

Are they any good around the farm?

Because we just call the goats and they come in, we actually don’t need our dogs to work. They are definitely pets to us, but very loved ones at that.

Words: Sophie Baldwin

Pictures: Sophie Baldwin and Shayne Moyston

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