Recycling drums is a MUST

August 22, 2017

Farmers Geoff Exton, of Cosgrove South, and Alex Graham, of Cosgrove, participated in the drumMUSTER event by dropping off containers like the ones they are holding.

Ready to recycle . . . The remains of the drums after they went through the chipper.

Unwanted waste. . .The drums had all kinds of chemicals in them before they were thoroughly cleaned out on-farm.

A celebration of the 30millionth chemical container collected by Agsafe’s national drumMUSTER program was held at a Cosgrove property last week.

The program, which started in 1999, allows farmers to drop off unwanted, empty chemical containers to be recycled and made into other products.

‘‘The benefit for farmers is that the program gives them a sustainable choice with what they can do with their metal and plastic containers so there is no burning or burying,’’ Agsafe communications officer Desiree Caira said.

Cosgrove sheep and crop farmer Alex Graham, who dropped off 83 drums, said without the program he would have to send the drums to landfill.

Since the program’s inception, drumMUSTER has saved councils $31million in landfill costs by diverting chemical containers into many different products.

‘‘Eligible drums are shredded, granulated, processed into pellets via heat extrusion, then sold to manufacturers to make wheelie bins, public furniture, pipes, fencing, road markers and construction materials,’’ Mrs Caira said.

Dookie Lions Club, which hosted the celebration for the 30millionth drum, has been involved in the program since 2013 and has collected more than 40000 drums.

Club member and drumMUSTER inspector Peter McManus said it was a privilege for the small rural club to be involved in such a significant national event.

‘‘Farmers tell us they’re so pleased to get rid of their accumulated empty drums as they want to reduce their on-farm waste in an ethical way,’’ Mr McManus said.

‘‘And it makes farmers happy that their efforts result in financial benefits for their community.’’

By being involved in the program, Dookie Lions Club has earned $10000 in inspection fees, which it put towards a public fitness station in Mary St, Dookie.

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