Furphy products draw crowd to auction

By Country News

A rare 1977 single Furphy tank end sold for a record $17000 at a collectables clearing sale at Glenrowan on April 15.

The sale, run by Shepparton’s Kevin Hicks Real Estate, saw a combination of 38 Furphy tanks and ends and horse drawn vehicles owned by Glenrowan local John Paul as the highlights.

The sale included tank ends such as Coxon, Close, Laughton, Laughton & Stone, Riverina, Wenkon & Johnson, Bradson, Hicks, plus the extensive collection of rare Furphy products saw about 500 people from as far as Western Australia attend.

Other items sold was a rare Furphy gate for $11000 and a Furphy 1880s oval badge end for $15000.

A Furphy 1/100 end for $9000 plus a Furphy 1988 150th anniversary end for $8000 were other popular collectables that sold.

Some rare and unique items sold, including a Furphy toilet for $4500, while a Furphy plastic bag with the slogan ‘Good Better Best’ printed on it and a Furphy fridge magnet and endless Furphy books and collectables also went under the hammer.

Last year Mr Paul sold two 1977 ends of a Furphy tank for a record $26000.