Pup is a lover not a worker

August 25, 2017

Man's Best Friend Trigger, a six month old blue heeler owned by hobby farmer Emma Fehring of Fairy Dell.

Six-month-old Trigger has become a much-loved member of Fairy Dell hobby farmer Emma Fehring's animal family.

Great mates...The orphaned calf is often found with Trigger by her side.

How did you get Trigger?

We got Trigger from my boyfriend’s sister’s litter, so we just got one of them.

How old is he?

He’s nearly six months now, he’s only little.

Does he know any commands?

He’s very disobedient and he doesn’t follow any commands. It’s pretty wild. If we have food he’ll listen but if there’s someone here or there’s something else happening he just doesn’t listen.

Is he helpful on the farm?

There’s only a couple of acres and we raise calves and I work on the dairy farm next door. The best he does with cows is chase them. He’s not a very good cattle dog. He chases the chooks, he chases the cats and I’ve got two cows in the back paddock that he’ll go and chase.

I hear he’s made good friends with one of your calves?

One of his favourite hobbies is cleaning up the calf. So I brought this little guy home, he was an orphaned calf from my Dad’s farm. It was raining one night so we put them both in the shed to keep them out of the weather and they’ve just gotten along ever since.

Does he have any funny habits?

He’ll bark at every car if he’s in the back of the ute. We try to take him out in the ute but he just barks non-stop so we may as well just leave him home!

What is Trigger’s favourite food?

Well, we were having a barbecue one night and we’d left a plate of sausages on the side of the barbecue and I went inside to get the oil and come back and he had stolen all the sausages. There was probably a bag of about 10 so I’d say sausages are his favourite food.

Do you have any other funny stories?

Everything he does, really — nothing really shines out!

What would you do without him?

Life would just be boring, he’s very entertaining.

Words and pictures:

Alana Christensen

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