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September 19, 2017

The Silvan Lightfoot trailed 300 litre capacity tank is the ideal unit to tow behind an ATV, UTV or small tractor to add options for spot or boom spraying on farms.

ATV and UTV (all terrain and utility) vehicles together with smaller horsepower tractors offer a significant mobility factor on Australia’s farms of all types and scale as well as for grounds maintenance, servicing and preparation.

Silvan Australia has responded to this use factor with the release of the latest version of the Silvan Lightfoot 300litre capacity trailed sprayer.

The key product features are the 300litre capacity Polytuff water tank that is carried on a welded steel chassis tow trailer fitted with Mud Puppy pneumatic tyres.

In its simplest form the Lightfoot can be used as just a mobile water transfer or watering aid.

Or it can be optioned to suit with all manner of delivery systems.

These can include a choice of 12V Aquatec pumps from 20litres/min at 60 psi or professional motorised diaphragm pumps for higher pressures to 290 psi, complete with regulator and filters.

Additional application options include a hose reel with up to 30m of 10mm diameter hose and spray gun providing an ideal means for spot spraying or weed control.

Another choice is to fit a cross-foldable spring-loaded break-back spray boom giving four metres of spray coverage or with twin boomless nozzles able to cover a swath of up to 7.4m.

Silvan Australia’s Michael Frost says the Lightfoot has been designed with its powder-coated welded steel C channel frame rails providing the greatest flexibility to mount different accessories, application choices or boom heights to suit individual needs.

Electrical wiring looms and remote operator controls to suit the application needs are also available.

‘‘Silvan offers five factory configured model choices using our standard or extendable tow hitch, height stand and the Silvan fitted pumps, booms, hose reels, spray guns and regulators as we know that every application or user requirement is likely to be different.

‘‘Silvan is confident that the Lightfoot with its 300litre capacity Polytuff tank that is UV stabilised with calibrated fill markings provides the ideal base unit on which to build exactly what our customers require as their tow-behind water source,’’ Mr Frost said.

For more information on the Silvan Lightfoot 300litre capacity base chassis, tank, tyres and tow hitch, contact Silvan Australia by phone on 1300 745 826 or email or go to

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