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September 21, 2017

A new range of CLAAS 470 variable round baler.

CLAAS has unveiled its new Variant 400 series of variable round balers, which are available in limited numbers this season.

With improvements to intake, crop flow, wrapping and maintenance systems, the balers are designed to be more reliable and easier to use when harvesting hay, silage and straw.

The Variant 485 produces 0.90m to 1.6m x 1.2m bales, while the Variant 470 produces 0.90m to 1.55m x 1.2m bales, with both available with Roto Feed or Roto Cut cutter-bar options.

CLAAS Harvest Centre Echuca sales representative Bernie Teasdale said the two models featured a new star rotor structure that turned through 360 degrees instead of the current 180 degrees.

‘‘With 14 knives, the rotor achieves 6000 cuts per minute, ensuring material is evenly distributed into the bale chamber and helping to create uniformly-shaped bales,’’ he said.

‘‘This is a particular advantage when baling narrow swaths.’’

A dual roller crop press developed for Jaguar forage harvesters and Quadrant square balers is now also available for the pick-up.

‘‘The dual roller crop press is suspended and can be mechanically switched between four different settings without the use of tools,’’ Mr Teasdale said.

‘‘It allows the intake to be quickly adjusted to suit different operating conditions and ensures a more uniform and faster crop flow, allowing higher operating speeds.

‘‘In these models, the cutting floor automatically drops when there is a risk of blockage, meaning that the baler can always be driven at its optimal level of performance.’’

The two oscillating castor guide wheels that steer the pick-up along the ground have been reinforced, and can now be folded when using the XXL pick-up, reducing transport width.

The 400 series features edge-to-edge net wrapping as standard, as well as an overhauled netting or twine intake.

‘‘A new plate assists with the insertion of netting or twine into the baling chamber, which means that you can be sure that the tying process will start properly under all conditions,’’ Mr Teasdale said.

The Variant 400 can be specified with a wider 1.3m netting trough that lays the netting over the edges of the bale with rounded edges, particularly useful if the bales are to be stored outside.

Along with a central lubrication system that is available with new models, CLAAS has also redesigned the pivot of the tailgate for rapid discharge, allowing bales to be discharged in less than six seconds.

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