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September 22, 2017

Wellington farmer Paul Cudden is all praise for Paxton Plow Co's CB6 Cultibars.

NSW farmer Paul Cudden knew the first of Paxton Plow Co’s CB6 Cultibars was going to be right for him because it was effectively built to meet his requirements.

No-one else is building a machine to anything like its specifications, according to Mr Cudden, and while he and his brother Rodney are primarily graziers, running sheep and cattle on 2200ha of undulating country at Wellington (south-east of Dubbo), they also grow more than 400ha of crop, mostly oats, as feed for their livestock.

This is sown using a Simplicity air seeder.

‘‘However it’s fairly heavy soil here with a fair bit of stone. Our second-hand cultivator had edge-on-style tines — they just didn’t suit our requirements,’’ Paul said.

‘‘So we went to the good robust Flexicoil tines with hydraulic heads and Paxton Plow Co built a good strong bar with a floating hitch design to better follow the contours.

‘‘There are plenty of good precision machines built but this one is more robust to handle our harder conditions,’’ he said.

‘‘We wanted a narrow transport width — it’s only 3.5metres in transport.

‘‘We wanted a machine to work so deep and to be so wide, to keep the machine shallow from front to back, with tines at 250mm row spacings on four rows, not five or more, with good trash clearance — Paxton did all that.’’

Paul and Rodney pull the Paxton with a 335hp John Deere 8335R, which Paul describes as ‘‘a fairly big tractor but needed in our soils’’.

‘‘I think once people learn that Paxton Plow is building this sort of machine there will be a lot more of them around.

‘‘You’d have to search far and wide but I don’t think there are any built as strong as this. There are some good designs out there ... but you hear of failures with them,’’ Paul said.

‘‘With this machine, while it only arrived in June and, because of this year’s dry conditions, we haven’t done a lot of work with it yet, but from what we’ve seen it’s a good, rugged design, it’s a durable machine.’’

Paul’s Paxton Plow CB6 will mostly be used direct drilling crop with the Simplicity air cart and probably fitted with a small seeds package for pasture improvement.

For more information, phone Wade Smith at Paxton Plow Co on 0429 866 640.

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