Dogs are a couple of tough cookies

September 27, 2017

Jack Broughton and his two dogs Sam and Cam.

Sam survived having his skull run over.

Cam is the toughest dog Jack Broughton has come accross.

How did they get their names?

It was just a drop-of-the-hat kind of thing. Three letter words are easy to talk to. When I bought Cam, he already had a name — Sam. But we had a Sam so I had to change it. Not too many things rhyme with Sam.

Do they get confused who you are calling when their names are so alike?

At times when they are working together.

What are their personalities like?

Sam is very responsible and very reliable. Cam is the toughest dog I’ve come across and he will work all day with no questions asked. He works to please.

Are they paddock or yard dogs?

Cam’s a yard dog so likes backing and howling. Sam is a paddock dog. He has a wide spread cast to collect sheep that are on their own.

What’s the best thing they have done?

The best thing Sam has done is cast 8km in very hilly country where you can’t get a ute, motorbike or sometimes even walk in there. Cam loaded a B-double at just under 12 months of age.

Have they ever had an accident?

Sam was run over droving sheep when he was two years old. The car ran over his skull and shoulders. The vet said he’s the only dog he’d seen survive getting run over the skull part.

Do you have any funny stories about them?

We were working with sheep one day at a bloke’s farm and we had just knocked off at about 5pm and we were talking and Cam had jumped into the wrong car. We didn’t realise until 9pm that night that we had the wrong dog.

Do they love to travel?

They both love the back of the motorbike. Cam loves the dog box on the back of the ute. He jumps in that hard he nearly comes out the other side.

What would you do without them?

Not get out of bed. They’re a huge part of our life. We couldn’t do what we do without them, without a doubt.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods

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