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October 11, 2017

Michael Crisera has been appointed to Fruit Growers Australia.

Fruit Growers Victoria has welcomed Michael Crisera into the fold to head up a newly-formed grower services unit and refresh the body’s grower app.

Chairman Gary Godwill announced the appointment last week. He said Mr Crisera would use his knowledge to provide independent technical advice to growers who needed to improve their yield and quality, and improve online assistance for growers.

‘‘Michael has many years’ experience assisting growers, and he will be available to visit members’ orchards to provide hands-on advice,’’ Mr Godwill said.

‘‘Michael has already commenced redeveloping and improving Fruit Growers Victoria’s Growfruit app.

‘‘The app is a web-based tool that uses the Phenological degree day modelling for the management of the key moths in pome and stonefruit production.”

■For more information on the Growfruit app, growers can book a demonstration on their orchard with Michael Crisera on 5825 3700.

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