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October 11, 2017

'Pickle Passion', designed by Nola Wallis and modelled by Ally Rosaia, on the Elmore Field Days' Ag Art catwalk.

Fashion designers were challenged to come up with creative ideas from unusual materials at last week’s Elmore Field Days’ Ag Art competition.

Ag Art is a fashion competition that gives entrants the chance to go out and search through their environment and make something fascinating out of things you wouldn’t usually expect.

The competition was split up into four categories: avant garde, designer, 18 years and under and hats.

‘‘Ag Art gives young minds the opportunity to be creative by designing garments out of materials that are found on farms or on farming related industries,’’ organiser Lorraine Trewick said.

The first catwalk started on Tuesday which I was lucky enough to watch.

While watching the catwalk my heart was drawn to a magnificent garment called ‘Pickle Passion’; the garment was actually a Japanese-inspired look that was designed and developed by Nola Wallis.

‘‘Created from frost cloth dyed with wheat pickle and washed many times, insect mesh and insulation tape, a piece of Velcro from the dairy and budding tape crocheted and pressed flat for stems of the flowers and cut for the leaves,’’ Ms Wallis said.

The dress was gorgeous, it looked like something you could actually wear. I loved the checked effect created by the vertical and horizontal lines and the way the flowers were drawn together by a vine.

To see these garments in person was absolutely awe-inspiring and I would recommend to anyone who has an eye for fashion to go out to the Elmore Field Days in the upcoming years and go see for yourself just how remarkable these garments are.

Ag Art will happen again in 2018.

■To apply for the chance to showcase your work next year, go to:

■For further information about Elmore Field Days, go to:

—Georgia Borg

Year 10 student

Notre Dame College

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