Ride Avenue Pre School has a national ranking

By Benalla Ensign

In 2018, Ride Avenue Pre School has four pre-school groups attend for 15 hours each week (two six-hour sessions and one three-hour session and includes two lunch sessions each week).

Each group is supported by three educators: a degree-qualified early childhood teacher and two diploma-qualified assistants.

The Pre School offers two pre-kinder activity groups on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for two-and-a-half-hour sessions.

Group sizes are limited to 15 children and each group has two educators: a diploma-qualified group leader and a diploma qualified co-educator.

Ride Avenue Pre School has received an overall rating that exceeds national quality standards. The Pre School also has a play based indoor-outdoor program and the curriculum is based on the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

That means each session allows time for adult-led learning, guided play and learning and child-directed play and learning.

The program content is based on the needs, interests and abilities of children.

The Pre School aims to develop positive and reciprocal relationships with its families, based on mutual respect and communication, and actively engages with families to create a partnership between Pre School and home.

Ride Avenue values the individuality of each family and the significance of its culture.

It fosters development of relationships with the broader community to enhance each child’s awareness of being a member of the Benalla community and ultimately a global citizen.

Ride Avenue Pre School children are offered the space and time to explore, observe, create and make choices in a welcoming, positive and safe environment.