FCJ College unveils blueprint guiding the school vision to 2020

By Benalla Ensign

At FCJ College its strategic plan – Looking Forward with Courage and Confidence 2018-2020 – charts a course informed by evidence and the sharing of best practise, for improvement.

FCJ College principal Joanne Rock said it will provide a framework as the school and its staff work to live out and achieve their vision and graduate outcomes, inspired by the College’s values.

Ms Rock outlined the building blocks of the strategy:

1. Catholic identity

Our 2020 aspiration is to foster an understanding of God’s love for us, for each other and the environment and to recognise God’s gifts to us.

We commit to:

■Sharing in the mission of Jesus, we will create opportunities for dialogue that promote empathy, compassion and companionship in our culturally and religiously diverse society, as shown to us in the FCJ College charism and tradition.

■Ensuring social justice activities are underpinned by Catholic social teaching and that opportunities for advocacy and standing in solidarity, accompany fundraising initiatives.

2. Learning and teaching

Our 2020 aspiration is to create a love of learning through quality teaching instruction and rich learning experiences that allow all students to excel, reach their full potential and dream about their preferred futures.

We commit to:

■Providing contemporary, flexible learning opportunities throughout our curriculum which allow all students to grow; take risks and see the value of learning.

■Building high expectations through a clearly-documented curriculum that contains a balance of skills, knowledge and an understanding of how we learn.

3. Pastoral wellbeing

Our 2020 aspiration is to be a learning community that supports and encourages a positive growth mindset and the wellness of all its members based on promoting personal strengths, positive relationships and focused on the dignity of each person.

We commit to:

■Providing a whole school wellbeing program embedded in the curriculum and with a proactive approach focused on identifying and using personal strengths with the intent of allowing students to learn, grow and thrive. In this way their resilience will be developed.

■Implementing a consistent, positive behaviour approach to foster personal and social development through teaching how growth mind-sets can lead to strong decision making.

4. Leadership

Our 2020 aspiration is to shape a positive culture of learning through shared leadership and responsibility for continuous improvement.

We commit to:

■Establishing a learning culture amongst staff, students and parents where the positive outcomes for all students are placed at the centre of all decision-making and actions.

■Strengthening our parent/school partnerships so the strategies and support mechanisms for improving student outcomes are known, discussed and developed as a shared responsibility

5. Stewardship of resources

Our 2020 aspiration is to ensure through our strategic commitments that our stewardship of resources reflects our commitment to the best learning outcomes for all our students so they are well prepared to take their place in the world.

We commit to:

■Being an affordable school for all our families with all families feeling a sense of inclusion that they are making a worthwhile financial contribution to the education of their children.

■Developing systematic strategies and processes for identifying resourcing priorities.

“For a full copy of the document please visit the school’s website at,” Ms Rock concluded.