More people joining the silo art discussion

October 17, 2017

Patchewollock silo by Fintan Magee.

Finley Silos could be a potential location for silo art. (Credit: Mattinbgn).

The idea of introducing silo art into the region has been given the thumbs up by a number of locals, who believe it could give their towns an extra boost and beautify their silos.

From people in Katamatite who have been discussing the idea, to those in Elmore and Finley, there’s plenty of discussion about whether the familiar silos could be transformed into artwork.

Yarrawonga’s Maurice O’Dwyer said he believed silo art would be a great introduction to the region.

‘‘It would be good if we could get a couple up. A lot of them aren’t used any more so people have sort of forgotten about the silos,’’ Mr O’Dwyer said.

‘‘It would be fantastic. They look nice now but with some images on the side, they’d be wonderful.’’

Fellow Yarrawonga local John Lawless seconded Mr O’Dwyer’s view, and said silo art was certainly a project the town could work on.

‘‘(I think it could work) because it’s a big tourist area and they’re sitting there doing nothing and not being used,’’ he said.

‘‘They’re right in the town, so there’s every possibility of the local tourism taking advantage of it.’’

As for what could potentially be featured on the silos, should the idea gain momentum, Mr Lawless had a couple of suggestions.

‘‘Perhaps a mural of the lake, or the bridge,’’ he said.

‘‘The bridge is nearly 100 years old, it would give people driving into town a preview of what they might see.’’

More than 70km away in the NSW town of Finley, the town’s silos are also on the mind of a number of people.

For Julie Loughman, the images of the Silo Art Trail in the Wimmera-Mallee region she has seen online and in newspapers have captured her imagination.

‘‘They just look really spectacular,’’ Ms Loughman said.

With six silos located throughout Finley, she believes there’s not only plenty of potential canvases in the area, but the town’s proximity to the Riverina and Newell highways is key for attracting visitors to the silos.

‘‘The silos are right on the highway and right in Finley, it would get seen by a lot of people,’’ she said.

‘‘Because of the highway we have a lot of caravanners and things going through the town. They’ve got to see it but it would certainly be in a good location.’’

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