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October 17, 2017

McHale's innovative design improvements have enabled its V-series balers to produce higher quality bales at speed.

The well-established but newly improved McHale V660 and V640 balers just got even better.

McHale’s innovative design improvements have enabled this popular baler to produce even higher quality bales at speed.

‘‘The benefit to the farmer is more leaf product in each bale. As a result of the higher density achieved, each bale provides an even higher quality feed in consistently shaped bales,’’ PFG’s Ian Young said.

To provide perfect pick-up in all conditions both balers have 2m, 40mm larger diameter, high-volume pick-ups and new large lateral augers further improve the flow of crop into the 15-blade chopper unit, or directly into the bale chamber of the V640.

Fewer stoppages lead to greater efficiency, so the V660 (15 knife, chopped) and V640 (non-chopped) balers now come with a new flexible floor.

It adjusts itself to allow larger lumps of grass to feed through to the chamber, as well as assisting the increased intake capacity, and flow of the crop.

The bale chamber has three heavy-duty, reinforced, endless belts, which ensures that they can absorb and apply high pressure to the material in the bale chamber. The V660 and V640 baler can make a bale from 0.7m, adjusted by 20mm increments up to 1.68m.

Numerous technical improvements allow the V660 to operate at fast speeds, while maintaining its ability to produce consistently dense, uniform cylindrical bales.

The new density valve and the ultrasonic bale shape indicator (which detects the movement of the belt), combine with the other new design elements to make this possible.

As crop or weather conditions change throughout the day the operator can now easily adjust the net tension to suit, without leaving the comfort and safety of the cab. All new McHale V6 machines are fitted with the new hydraulic stretch netter.

A further improvement to prevent stoppages, even in heavy sticky crops, is the fitting of a cleaning auger, now standard on the V660 and as an option on the V640. Fitted to the secondary drive roller, the auger eliminates contamination in the bale chamber by reducing build-up on the drive roller.

A newly designed bale kicker is fitted to all V6 machines for the coming season. This improved design gently places the netted bale on the ground.

The design improvements that have led to this breakthrough include:

The increased rotor diameter of +40mm has improved the volume of intake.

The new larger crop augers direct crop evenly into the rotor.

The (flexible) floor angle has changed to aid the flow of crop into the chamber.

For more information about the McHale V6 balers, contact your local PFG Australia dealership or visit:

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