This little dog has nine lives

October 18, 2017

Bowsie the 17 year old Terrier Pom cross is owned by Carolyn, David, Sarah and James Atkinson.

Bowsie is lucky to be alive after a couple of near-death experiences.

Old age has caught up with Bowsie, who used to run up Monument Hill with ease.

Bowsie the 17 year old Terrier Pom cross is owned by Carolyn, David, Sarah and James Atkinson.

How did he get his name?

Carolyn: When our son (James) was two years old, he called him Bow Wow. I thought, ‘I don’t want to be calling him Bow Wow when he’s 15’ so we changed it to Bowsie.

What is Bowsie’s personality like?

Carolyn: He’s very friendly. He’s very quiet with the kids. Sarah has grown up with him. He’s camped with us — he’s been to more places than some people.

David: I don’t know how many times he’s had sunglasses put on him. He looks pretty cool though.

How is Bowsie when snakes are around?

Carolyn: He’s a good snake dog. We didn’t know until we went camping at Tocumwal. For the first time, he barked differently and my husband (David) and I looked around and saw a snake. Over his life he has let us know about a few snakes at home and when we go camping.

How does he get on with other animals?

Carolyn: Him and the ferret don’t know whether they are friends or foes. He’s tried to take food off other animals that we’ve had.

What is this I hear about Bowsie having nine lives.

Carolyn: Last year he fell into the indoor fire and burnt his mouth and three paws. We thought that this is it but after daily bathing of his wounds he survived.

Twice this year, he has ventured too far at night. The first time he was found in a very secure paddock — it is a puzzle how he got into there. The second time he was lost for three nights and this was when the weather had just started to get cold.

He likes adventures then?

Carolyn: He comes everywhere with us, to pick up the kids and on holidays. He had the bottom bunk in the caravan but then decided that the couch looked more comfortable.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods

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