New boy is learning the ropes

October 25, 2017

Man's Best Friend - Dale Sutherland and his dogs Toby and Jack.

Toby likes collecting stuff.

Jack doesn't like sharing food.

Jack and Toby love coming to work with Dale Sutherland.

How did Jack get his name?

‘Jacko’ got his name from his old man who was named Schmacko, so he got Jack.

What are their personalities like?

Jack is playful and aggressive. If you piss him off, he’ll let you know about it. Toby likes chewing things and digging holes and loves chasing things.

What is Toby’s working ability like?

He’s going all right in the yards, he barks and he’s learning to jump on the back of the bike. He is looking like doing a bit of both (yard and paddock work).

Where do they sleep?

They sleep at the back door, they have beds there.

Do they have any bad habits?

Toby has a habit of finding rubbish in the yard, like twigs and sticks. He likes collecting stuff. Jack’s worst habit is that he doesn’t like sharing food, which is understandable.

How do they get on with other animals?

They are pretty good. They are inquisitive, which is normal. They have never really fought another dog. They are pretty good with cats at home.

You obviously spend a fair bit of time with them?

Yeah, they are with me six days a week at this stage. They come to work every day. They get a bit upset if they don’t get out of the yard or come to work. Jack has only come with me since I put my last dog down. Jack used to stay at home with the last one.

What would you do without them?

It’s expensive to replace a good sheepdog, having just replaced one. They’re hard to replace.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods

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