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October 26, 2017

Massey Ferguson's MF9505 Series combines provide farmers with greater flexibility and performance.

Massey Ferguson 9500 Series combines have built a reputation for simplicity and capacity since their introduction in 2011, and the MF9505 Series builds on the original successful design while providing farmers better flexibility and performance.

The 9505 Series includes two models, each with more processor-driving horsepower from tier four AGCO Power diesel engines.

The MF9545 and MF9565 are powered by AGCO Power seven-cylinder, 9.8litre engines. The MF9545 is rated at 375hp and maximum boost is at 451hp, while the MF9565 is rated at 460hp and a maximum boost of 490hp.

‘‘We understand that farmers are harvesting more crops in a variety of different conditions and they need a combine that performs well across the board,’’ Massey Ferguson combine product manager Shane Jardine said.

‘‘The MF9505 Series combines take the simple, high-capacity design of the MF9500 Series and make it even more versatile and productive.’’

The MF9505 Series machines are designed for cleaner harvesting by joining Massey Ferguson’s proven Trident processor with a new variable-speed hydraulic-drive fan, which is adjustable from 100rpm to 1350rpm.

The extended fan-speed range eliminates the need to switch pulleys to adjust for various crop types, and provides excellent performance while harvesting grass seed and canola.

For corn and soybean operators, the MF9505 Series offers perforated panels that allow for better control of material distribution on the shoe and enhance rotor and shoe performance. The panels provide better distribution of material in the separation and threshing area.

Up front, the MF9505 Series combines have a fixed-speed header drive with heavier-duty components to match the machine’s new power ratings, complete with lateral tilt.

The new drive system is more durable, so farmers spend less time on repairs and maintenance, all while providing more than 28 per cent more power to the header. This system is perfect for running larger combine fronts.

The MF9505 Series has the field-proven V-Cool cooling system, which provides improved engine-heat rejection by positioning the radiator, hydraulic-cooling heat exchangers and the air-to-air intercooler in a V-shaped design below a variable-speed, hydraulically driven fan.

Fan speed varies according to conditions, so the fan only draws as much power from the engine as needed, increasing fuel efficiency.

For operator comfort, the MF9505 Series comes with an enhanced cab design that includes a more spacious layout, new steering column, improved ergonomic control placements and an updated headliner.

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