Letter to the Editor

October 29, 2017

We need to re-think energy policies

The Labor energy policies are delivering record electricity and gas prices and some of the dearest in the world, despite our great mineral resources.

With the destruction of baseload power stations in South Australia and Victoria, South Australia suffered a needless three-day power blackout recently which could have been avoided.

The green lobby has hijacked energy policy with little regard to the consequences.

Peter Walsh, the National Party leader in Victoria, in an article in Country News (October 17), reported that Kyabram hospital service bills for gas and electricity ‘‘are expected to increase 80 per cent this year’’.

Benalla Health electricity costs increased by more than 85 per cent and gas has gone up by 74 per cent.

Kath Sullivan (Weekly Times, October 17) claims that most taxpayers would prefer their share (of royalties) be spent on hospitals than a few lucky farmers.

We don’t hear of complaints that money is now being paid to farmers for wind turbines.

If money paid to farmers for gas royalties reduces the cost of gas and electricity to hospitals I am sure they would be happy to pay for their gas and electricity as a result.

New gas and oil fields in the United States where farmers get royalties in the past 10 years has brought down the price of gas and oil and made the US self-sufficient in gas and, in five years, self-sufficient in oil.

—Norm Sims


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