Water allocations raised

November 01, 2017

Some water allocations have improved.

Allocations in the Goulburn system and the Loddon system have been increased from 91 per cent to 93 per cent high-reliability water shares (HRWS).

The Broken system increases from 50 per cent to 100 per cent.

The low-reliability water share (LRWS) seasonal determination in the Campaspe system increases from 29 per cent to 30 per cent. The Campaspe system also has 100 per cent HRWS.

The seasonal determination in the Murray system remains unchanged 100 per cent and the Bullarook system remains at 100 per cent and 100 per cent LRWS.

Resource Manager Mark Bailey said carryover rules and the volumes carried over into 2017/18 influenced the large improvement for the Broken system announced today.

“Entitlement holders in the Broken system carried over the equivalent of a 41 per cent seasonal determination of high-reliability water shares into 2017/18,” Dr Bailey said.

“As entitlement holders may only carry over 50 per cent of their high-reliability water shares, the resource improvement needed to reach 100 per cent of high-reliability water shares was quite low.

“This was achieved with the small inflows and a reduction of operating commitments since the previous seasonal determination update.”

In the Murray system, the Resource Manager has repaid all the water borrowed from the Barmah Forest account.

“Water was borrowed from the Barmah Forest to improve early seasonal determinations for Murray system high-reliability water shares,” Dr Bailey said.

“Now that the borrowed water is repaid, the November 15 update will include an assessment of the resource improvement needed for a seasonal determination against low-reliability water shares.”

Dr Bailey also advised that Victoria may not be able to store all the flows into its share of Lake Hume during October.

“Victoria’s share of Lake Hume could be full at the end of October. If confirmed by the Murray Darling Basin Authority, a deduction from Murray system spillable water accounts will be needed,” Dr Bailey said.

“The status of Victoria’s share during October will be confirmed with the next risk of spill announcement on November 10."

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