Lions call to keep playground clean

By The McIvor Times

HEATHCOTE Lions Club has hit out at lazy locals leaving rubbish in the Barrack Reserve playground area.

Parents said they’ve noticed an increase of rubbish in the area including cigarette butts and packaging, and Lions members have had enough.

“An issue such as this would be a different story if there weren’t any bins nearby, but there really isn’t an excuse,” Lions Club member Greg Speirs said.

“While the majority of the maintenance is done by council, if I notice any rubbish or anything whenever I’m going past, I always stop and tidy it up.

“We take it as a bit of an obligation to keep it tidy for the town.”

A City of Greater Bendigo spokesperson said if locals see a mess in the park to report it.

“Residents are reminded that if they see an issue with the park to contact council on 54346000 to report the problem,” the spokesperson said.

“However if members of the community witness people making a mess in these areas they should call the police and report it as it’s a legal issue.”

Council also said the installation of CCTV cameras in the area would be unviable.

“The infrastructure is expensive to install, maintain and monitor and there’s no guarantee it would solve the issue,” council said.

And while on the park, the flying fox is said to be returning soon.

It was taken down for maintenance by City of Greater Bendigo and Mr Speirs said he has it on good authority it’ll be up and running again soon.