Poppy reveals all...

By The McIvor Times

BEFORE coming to Heathcote for the On Show long weekend, performer Poppy Cherry took the time to answer a few questions.

Being that we’re in Heathcote, favourite wine? I do love a good red, it’s tough to choose, but I love Spanish food so I’m going to say the Silver Spoon Estate No Bull Tempranillo.

Where do you train? While I’ve been performing burlesque for almost 10 years now, the past four and a half years my focus has been on running and teaching at the Maison Burlesque School in Richmond. As well as being headmistress of the school I also teach Feather Fan Dance and Bump, Grind and Tease.

Best place you’ve performed? I’ve been lucky enough to perform on stages of all shapes and sizes around Australia. A highlight for me was just over a week ago, getting to MC a burlesque show for approximately 600 patrons on board the P&O Pacific Aria cruise ship! I used to have a residency at Burlesque Bar where I would sometimes perform in four shows a week — it was a small but vibrant space where we all felt like it was our personal Disneyland to run around and play! Funniest place I’ve performed would definitely be having to do an unexpected improv act on a staircase at a small bar when their music system stopped working.

The highlights of your travels? I loved travelling to Vanuatu and Noumea for the recent Burlesque Cruise, I’ve also performed at various cities around Australia, and lots of country gigs — country shows are often my favourite as they have such fun and generous crowds! Last year’s show at Toolleen Tin Shed was a definite highlight.

What does it take to be a good burlesque performer? A great performer is one who can break that fourth wall to connect with their audience to tease and entertain them, whether that be in a highly energetic way or something slow and sultry that leaves the audience wanting more. I also love when a performer can play on traditional themes by adding their own unique or surprising twists as well!.

What do you like about Heathcote/The On Show weekend? Wine, food and gorgeously costumed showgirls in a beautiful country setting?! What’s not to like? The trouble might be getting us to go home to Melbourne again!