Benalla have a point to prove

By Riverine Herald

ECHUCA Moama Hockey Club U16s took on Benalla in Shepparton on Friday night.

Benalla came out with a point to prove after a heavy loss in past encounters.

Echuca’s defence stood firm with Amber King-Gee, Keeley Thompson and Hannah Greenman clearing the ball well.

EMHC’s Thomas Kerr intercepted a Benalla pass out of defence and flicked the ball into the circle where Jonathan Morphett scored.

Ethan Thompson maintained possession and played the ball to Keeley Thompson who passed to Ryan Thomson at the top of the circle.

He passed to Haylee Greenman who moved the ball around the Benalla goalie and scored.

Greenman then scored another goal towards the end of the half, with great positioning on the goal post.

Echuca Moama went into the second half with a 3-0 lead.

Courtney Thompson ran the ball to the back line and passed back, a perfect ball to left wing Greenman who completed her hat-trick.

Benalla then played aggressively, earning themselves a short corner.

With a goalkeeper switch at half time this meant that Tayden Monigatti was now in the firing line.

He stood with Keeley Thompson, Tom Morphett, Hannah Greenman and Chloe Kell in the penalty corner. They all defended well and denied Benalla a goal, clearing the ball back out into Echuca’s attack.

Courtney Thompson passed the ball out wide to Amber King-Gee. She got the ball to Jonathan Morphett who crossed it to a waiting Greenman who scored her fourth for the game.

EMHC continued to press forward and earned a short corner.

Chloe Kell pushed the ball to Thomas Kerr. His shot was aimed at the bottom right corner of the goal, but the Benalla goalie got his foot out to save the goal.

Benalla continued to press forward but Tayden Monigatti did a great job and kicked the ball clear. Keeley Thompson then scored her goal from a long corner, then a few moments later ran the ball down the right side of the field and crossed to Chloe Kell who scored.

Goal scorers Haylee Greenman (4), Jonathan Morphett, Chloe Kell and Keeley Thompson.

Votes going to Courtney Thompson, Haylee Greenman and Jonathan Morphett.

U12 narrowly won 1-0 against Strikers, in what was a close match.

The sole goal scorer Jye Berryman and umpire votes went to Nash Berryman, Ryan Said and Olivia Mathers.

Echuca Moama’s U14 team took on Strikers at home Saturday morning.

Youngster Patrick Pilgrim passed the ball to Keeley Thompson, a quick one, two passes between these two then saw Thompson cross the ball to the top of the circle to Elyse Kerr and her shot on goal was defended well.

Strikers then had the upper hand and EMHC defence was put under pressure.

Half backs Kade Steenhuis and Ethan Thompson worked with Haylee Greenman and Scott Park to keep Strikers from entering the circle.

Goalkeeper Lucas Kell was put under pressure when Strikers got past.

He saved many shots but two got past and Strikers had a 2-0 lead at half time.

Tess Harvey, Bree Oliver along with Jack Pilgrim played possession hockey after the break and EMHC earned an attacking short corner.

Ethan Thompson pushed the ball out to Keeley Thompson whose shot went past the defenders into the goal.

With the energy back and team work positive another two youngsters Jye Berryman and Leah Kerr moved the ball well, maintained control and another short corner was awarded.

This time Ethan pushed the ball to Elyse Kerr, she passed to Keeley who slotted another one in.

Echuca wanted the win and in the last 10 minutes dominated the ball.

The ball was taken into attack by Haylee Greenman, she passed to Jack Pilgrim with the goalie in front of him Jack passed back to Greenman who scored.

Echuca 3-2 winners in a tough battle.

Goal scorers Keeley Thompson (2) and Haylee Greenman.

Umpire votes went to Keeley Thompson, Ethan Thompson and Elyse Kerr.

B Women brought home a win against Strikers.

Having a 2-0 win in a fair game, Kyabram Echuca Moama goal scorers were Elyse Kerr and Amber King-Gee and umpire votes went to Elyse Kerr, Jenna Park and Haylee Greenman.

B Men were defeated by Strikers in a tight game.

Umpire votes for EMHC went to Juancho Mackenzie, Ian Wright and Stuart Williams.

A Women won 7-0 against Strikers and continue to improve in form.

Goal scorers were Keeley Thompson 4, Courtney Thompson 1, Monique Schwedes 1.

Umpire votes Monique Schwedes, Beau Starritt and Courtney Thompson.

A Men lost to Strikers going down 2-7 in a touchy game.

Goal scorers Regan More and Tayden Monigatti. Umpire votes Jayden Gulson, Regan More and Juancho Mackenzie.