Guano a fertile business

November 16, 2017

John Jashar with the excrement that has become 'gold'.

John Billman, Graeme Talarico, Craig McQualter, John Kismet Jasher and Ashley Schreiber.

A business idea that was developed in Shepparton about 25 years ago has now spread its products to farms across Australia.

When John Jashar established his fertiliser business not many people were interested in organic alternatives, but Mr Jashar said farmers were now looking for better longer-term options.

‘‘Organics was in its infancy 25 years ago, but that’s changed.’’

In 2005 he moved his operation Guano Australia to Queensland and expanded the business interstate and overseas.

‘‘There is a growing demand for chemical-free produce,’’ Mr Jashar said.

Guano Gold-Kwik Start, Guano Sulphur Gold, KMS Fertilizer and their three liquid products are natural fertilisers and are Australian Organic Registered and have sound agronomic integrity, making them suitable for organic crop application.

‘‘Our products have received outstanding support from certified organic and sustainable conventional farmers and turf managers across Australia,’’ Mr Jashar said.

‘‘We value the support of the organic bio-dynamic industry, all certification entities, and in particular the Biological Farmers of Australia.’’

Guano is the accumulated excrement from birds and bats and is currently mined in Indonesia.

It has a reputation for being high in phosphate and calcium.

A laboratory test has found the product to be an excellent soil supplement because it is a conglomeration of readily available nutrients.

‘‘Because of the over-use of traditional fertilisers we have ruined the life in the soils,’’ Mr Jashar said.

‘‘Farmers are now realising they have to put the life back into soils to grow healthy crops.’’

Mr Jashar said it was not just the organic industry that was demanding alternative fertilisers.

‘‘About 70 per cent of my business is with conventional farms who are going down the track of more sustainable farming.’’

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