Bilkey and MRC are on board in plastic pogrom

By Vivienne Duck

MURRAY River Council has welcomed the move to phase out single-use plastics and is encouraging more residents and businesses to follow its example.

Mayor Chris Bilkey said everyone needed to be committed to reducing the use of plastics which have a devastating effect on the environment and our wildlife.

“The collective conscience of Australians has increased around our waste, so now is the time for local businesses, including councils, to be involved in taking a stance on this issue of plastic pollution,’’ he said.

‘‘Just doing something as simple as switching from a disposable plastic bottle to one that is reusable can make a big difference.

Cr Bilkey said the “ban the bag” movement coming into effect at many local supermarkets was also a positive step in the war on plastic.

“The movement will be the catalyst for change when it comes to plastic use in our local area,’’ he said.

‘‘This initiative was absolutely the right move for our environment, taking the pressure off landfill and even the recycling process.’’

Plastic bags have proven to be one of the biggest recycling problems for many local councils.

When the bags are placed in recycling bins they get caught in the sorting machines and end up interrupting the process.

Cr Bilkey said to ensure ongoing priority is given to the issue, MRC will continue to work with its waste management partners with the aim of seeing a reduction in the use of plastic across the council as a whole.

‘‘Council is confident the community could easily adapt to a future with less plastic; it’s all about changing habits,’’ he said.

‘‘The recycling habit has been successfully ingrained in us all over many years and whilst we encourage people to continue recycling we can all now go a step further and minimise what’s going in by reducing plastic use to begin with.’’

In an effort to encourage a plastic free, minimum-waste momentum MRC suggests these few simple tips:

■BYO bags to shops and supermarkets

■Use a thermos or a keep cup for takeaway coffees

■Have a bottle on hand for water and refill from the tap

■Refuse the straw, use your lips

■Buy refills for cleaning products instead of a new container each time — reuse your spay head where possible

■Ditch the plastic plates.