Cats too slick for poor EMUs

By Riverine Herald

ROUND five of the Masters football calendar saw the Echuca Masters hosting Geelong at home at Echuca South Recreation Reserve.

Geelong came out firing and used their wings with consistent forward entries to some potent looking attackers who were able to convert.

The EMUs ball movement around the ground was inconsistent with some dropped marks and handballs missing their targets.

At the end of the first quarter, it was either the breeze or the skill errors that gave Geelong a six-goal advantage.

Jeff Abela took leadership and gave the boys a burst at the quarter break.

He went out and led by example, putting his head over the footy and showing everybody how to win the ball.

A strong tackle saw Jason Cartledge leave the game with a back injury but was able to get back onto the ground later through the play.

Pete Spencer continued his form floating through the backline with strong intercept marking and accountability.

Bruce McCahon roved a pack and was able to put it between the big sticks for the EMUs first major.

John Smythe, playing his first game for Echuca, took a great mark in the forward line and slotted through a goal.

Michael Dodd proved to be the big boy in defence and through the middle, setting up a lot of the EMUs play.

Geelong was still able to add to their total with excellent ball use down the wings.

In the third term, the EMUs defence continued to stand strong, but it was the usage of the ball through a few passages of play that found the boundary line rather than the man.

Neville Green was attacking the ball strong over the wings.

Jeff Abela showed his strength with a great contested mark in the goal square to go back and put through a goal for the EMUs.

Justin Voss continued to battle in the ruck with mids Chris Hagan and Michael Dodd fighting to give the EMUs first use of the footy.

In a tough contest, a head clash saw Paul Lavars leave the field of play and not return.

The fourth quarter saw Jeff Abela bounced off a trio of defenders to find John Smythe who unselfishly gave a 25m handball off to James Walshe in the square converting easily.

Jason Cartledge, having returned to the field from his back injury, busted through a pack to put one through the big sticks.

Despite the midfield continuing to fight hard throughout the game Geelong was still able to get some good use of the ball, adding a couple of more goals to their total to enjoy a comfortable win over the EMUs.

The Echuca Masters next play on July 1 when they travel down to Sunbury for round six.

If you’re interested in seeing what footy for fun is all about, head down to the Echuca South oval on Wednesday at 6pm to catch up with the side.

GOALS: Bruce McCahon, John Smythe, Jeff Abela, James Walshe, Jason Cartledge.

BEST: Jeff Abela, Justin Voss, Michael Dodd, James Walshe, Jared Johnson.