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November 23, 2017

Tuff and his Yundool owner Barry Storer.

Tuff and his Yundool owner Barry Storer

Tuff and his Yundool owner Barry Storer.

Tuff and his Yundool owner Barry Storer.

How did Tuff get his name?

My son bred him and when I got him he was a keen little pup and I thought, ‘Geez, he’s a tough little dog’ — so that’s what I called him.

What’s his working ability like?

It’s good. He has plenty of push and he has a good cast on him. He’s a good all-rounder.

What’s his personality like?

Great. He’s strong-headed. You have to be on top of him because he’s so keen to work. Sometimes he’ll cast the wrong way because he gets that excited.

Does Tuff have any funny habits?

His funny habit is talking to you (Mr Storer tries to imitate Tuff’s attempts to communicate) — normally he goes longer than that. Sometimes you can’t shut him up.

How does he get on with other pets?

He gets along with all of them. We have a cat and he goes up to the cat and fleas it and it doesn’t worry the cat.

Has he had any accidents?

He did fall out of the ute once. He got a sore shoulder. He’s over it and not even a limp.

How does he like travelling after that mishap?

He loves travelling on the motorbike or the ute. He gets up in anything.

How much time do you spend with Tuff?

He’s with me all the time. He doesn’t go to bed with me though.

What would you do without him?

I’d be doing a lot of work They come in handy, real handy. He’s just a faithful dog. When he goes I reckon I’ll miss him bad, but I hope that’s not for a while.

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Rodney Woods

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