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July 16, 1975: Search for valuable beer bottle

By Shepparton News

A Shepparton beer bottle, from the old Shepparton brewery, is wanted very much by a bottle collector. 

President of the GV Bottle Collectors Club, Mr Eddie Colthup, describes the bottle as one of the rarest in Victoria. 

Valued at about $70 the bottle features an owl on one side. 

Mr Colthup knows of only five in Shepparton. 

The brewery was situated near where the old wharf was, and was opened in about 1889, and went out of existence in about 1910. 

Mr Colthup's collection of bottles consists mainly of mineral and soda bottles, with several old beer bottles dating from the 1800's. 

He also has some black glass bottles which are over 100 years old, and some modern, although uncommon bottles. 

Most of the bottles would be valued at about $10 to $20 he said, and came from Chiltern gold mines or the old town of Graytown. 

The oldest bottle in Mr Colthup's collection is a soft drink bottle dated 1842, and the oldest bottle he has ever seen was a black glass bottle with a seal dated 1703, which sold for $700.

Collectors in the club buy most of their bottles from big bottle shows which are held regularly and also swap. 

The next bottle show will be held in Maryborough on August 23 and 24. Most big towns have a bottle club, said Mr Colthup.

The GV club of about 40 members, meets every third Friday of the month in the Tallygaroopna Hall at 8pm.