Shy meeting became 60-year love story

By Kyabram Free Press

BACK in 1954, Kevin Andrews knew he had to make the first move if he wanted to impress the lady named Beryl who was working in the front office of W McMaster-Smith.

“I was a little shy,” Beryl Andrews — now Kevin’s wife — said.

“I think he had to approach me because it wasn’t going to be the other way around.”

Kevin did eventually man up, and started a relationship which has now reached a 60-year marriage anniversary.

The pair both grew up outside of Kyabram — Kevin from Merrigum and Beryl from Lancaster.

But since they bought their first house in Kyabram over half a century ago, they’ve jumped head first into as many local happenings as they can.

“We love being involved in the town and supporting whatever is happening in Kyabram,” Kevin said.

Together Beryl and Kevin have not only taken on marriage — but the task of stepping into the business world too, running the local Rural Mart and also Andrews’ Furniture.

“We have had a great relationship ever since we met, we have gone into business together and I think it takes a strong partnership to do that,” Kevin said proudly.

While marriage can often be portrayed as tough, Beryl and Kevin said their journey has been relatively smooth sailing.

“We are just really good friends at the base of our relationship and we have just never had anything to be unhappy about,” Beryl said.

“We probably argue more now than we ever have before,” she laughed.

Kevin and Beryl have three children, Mark, Dean and Tracey — and now eight grandchildren.

The closest of the families is in Echuca.

“It’s a bit tough that they live all over the place but we make do,” Beryl said.

While the couple shifted almost-awkwardly when describing their feelings toward each other, the care was evident.

“We know we love each other, we probably don’t say it as much but we know how we feel,” Kevin said, with Beryl nodding in agreement.