Debutantes had a ball!

By Kyabram Free Press

NINE debutantes were presented to Mr and Mrs John McEwen at the annual Stanhope Anglican Ball in 1949. A gala note was added to the atmosphere of the night with a centrepiece of a large crescent moon with a realistic black cat sitting on it surrounded by 500 stars of glistening cardboard suspended from the ceiling of the hall.

“The debutantes wore white gowns fashioned on individual lines, but each wore sprays of golden roses and chrysanthemums in their hair and similar trailers were tied to their right wrists with golden hued ribbon. They made a memorable and beautiful picture as they danced their coming-out dance (the Valetta) with grace and dignity and their full curtseys were beautifully executed.

“Supper was served in the Memorial Hall and the tables were an artistic picture with bowls of flowers and colourful delicacies.” Kyabram Free Press, May 5 1949.

The ball was conducted by the Stanhope Church of England Ladies’ Guild. The debs were trained by Miss J Jeffers and Mrs Medhurst with Miss Betty Medhurst as pianist for the debs.

■Compiled by Eileen Sullivan, Kyabram Historical Society voluntary librarian, from the files of the Kyabram Free Press.