Sun shining on solar farm

By Kyabram Free Press

A SOLAR farm has been given the green light to be built in Girgarre.

Campaspe Shire Council unanimously approved the 118 megawatt solar energy facility to be built at 1083 Mason Rd.

And this is the second solar project approved in the shire in as many weeks.

The facility is proposed to be connected to the 66kV Stanhope-Shepparton powerline that is owned and operated by Powercor.

The site will host up to 368,000 photovoltaic panels across 256 hectares.

Although there were no objections received for this application, council has placed 30 conditions on the applicant, Leeson Group Projects, to ensure the best outcome for the community.

These included noise restrictions, car park construction requirements, hours of construction, muted colours, native vegetation retentions and stormwater disposal.

Councillor John Zobec said this is another good opportunity for Girgarre.

‘‘The town is striving and moving ahead and this is another opportunity for the community and provides extra jobs which the area really needs,’’ he said.

Councillor Leigh Wilson said it is time to move to solar power.

‘‘We are in the age where we are diverging from traditional power processes to more renewable type energy,’’ he said.

‘‘It is very important that it is creating jobs that are separate from the agricultural sector and the application has a lot to be admired.’’