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NSW forward caught out by tough talk

By AAP Newswire

Reagan Campbell-Gillard admits he's learnt his lesson after lighting a fire he didn't need ahead of his State of Origin debut.

The Penrith forward was barely 24 hours into his first Origin camp when he flippantly told the True Blues family that he wanted to "kill some people".

His one-liner quickly spread to Maroons camp and meant he came in for plenty of extra attention in the lead-up to the MCG clash last Wednesday.

Thankfully for the 24-year-old he was able to laugh it off after performing well in his side's 22-12 victory.

"I actually thought it was a closed event, but that leaked out and media got hold of that and was something I had to wear and cop," he told Fox Sport's League Life.

"It's not the word I should've used ... but I used that word and it's something I've got to cop on the chin and leave it at that."

To make things worse, first-time coach Brad Fittler had the side walk to the stadium before the game, giving Queensland fans an ideal chance to tell the rookie what they thought.

"It was blowing up all over social media; it's something I didn't want leading into my first game," he recalled.

"I was surrounded by security guards and fans are heckling you ... it was definitely the longest walk I've ever had to a game, but it gives you goosebumps and you can look back on that."

Campbell-Gillard's second-placed Panthers meet the Sydney Roosters, who sit sixth, on Friday at Allianz Stadium.