Dog and goanna the best of friends

December 05, 2017

The three working dogs love to work together in the paddock and the yards.

Jette doesn't mind that a goanna has decided to take over the kennel.

Ann Sloane, from Savernake, with working dog Jette (right) and house dog Bindi.



What are their personalities like?

They are placid obedient dogs, full of energy. Woody and Jette are obviously slowing down now. Turbo is very enthusiastic and her obedience is improving.

What is their working ability like?

We’re very happy with Jette. It’s the best $25 we ever spent. She was the last of a litter our stock agent had.

What commands do they obey best?

They know basic obedience skills. Jette’s ability to speak up in the yards is very useful. It’s like another person there. When training Jette, I taught her how to shake hands.

Can you tell us about Jette’s new friend?

Alex feeds the dogs, including the house dog, and one day he saw a tail of the goanna in Jette’s kennel. He called me (Ann was on the farm) and told me there’s something weird in Jette’s kennel and to bring the camera — so I did. I took a series of photos and when the goanna realised it wasn’t the greatest goanna habitat, it ran up the tree behind Jette’s kennel.

Goannas and dogs aren’t known to be the friendliest. She (Jette) didn’t even flinch when it sat on her head — she just sat there.

Do the dogs love to travel?

Oh yeah. They can’t get enough of the ute.

What would you do without them?

We would miss so much companionship and assistance with our stock work.

Words: Rodney Woods

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