Environmental water benefits keep flowing

December 05, 2017

A total of 127 environmental flows were undertaken in 2016-17.

A total of 839Gl in environmental water has been delivered across Victoria in 2016-17, with more than 229Gl sent down the Goulburn River system.

A new report outlining the use of environmental water in Victoria details a suite of projects aimed at supporting and protecting native animals, rivers and wetlands across the state.

There have been a total of 127 environmental flows across the state’s river and wetland systems, including 36Gl down the Lower Broken Creek and 5.5Gl down the Campaspe River throughout 2016-17.

An environmental flow of up to 37Gl was also announced for the lower Goulburn River earlier this month.

‘‘Water for the environment is providing many benefits. Fish species returning to rivers in which they were previously extinct, birds flocking to watered wetlands, trees thriving, river banks stabilising and the landscape coming to life,’’ Victorian Environmental Water Holder commissioner Denis Flett said.

The report Reflections: Water for the Environment in Victoria said the flows had helped to trigger fish breeding, boost vegetation, improve water quality and provide habitats for birds and animals.

The report found that environmental water is also providing recreation opportunities for kayaking and fishing, and is providing a flow-on effect to the economy.

According to the report the environmental flows have helped the Goulburn River to avoid flood collapse and bounce back from a natural blackwater event, boost numbers of silver perch for the first time in a decade, and achieve record numbers of juvenile Murray cod in the Campaspe River.

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