Liberal infighting hurting PM: Greiner

By AAP Newswire

Liberals fighting internal battles in public are "lazy and self-indulgent" because it hurts the Turnbull government's chances of re-election, Nick Greiner says.

The federal party president has issued a plea to his party to stop distracting from Malcolm Turnbull's work as prime minister.

He also used a speech at the Liberal federal council in Sydney to note the party's issues with diversity, fundraising and getting grassroots support.

"We've occasionally been a bit lazy and self-indulgent when we give our own internal tiffs, our internal arguments, priority over the wellbeing of our party overall," Mr Greiner told the council on Friday.

He said having differences within the party was healthy, but putting them above the needs of winning and retaining government was counter-productive.

The former NSW premier also said having more diversity in the party was not a "philosophical bun fight" but showed the party reflected the voters.

"We always say we're about merit. Of course we're about merit. But merit means having the better parliamentary team," Mr Greiner said.

"It is very hard to have the better parliamentary team if our team does not represent the community it hopes to serve."

The federal executive met just before the council started, and spent a significant part of the meeting dealing with how to get more women in the party and parliament.

Mr Greiner encouraged members to sign up more members to compete with Labor's union support, and he said there were some "green shoots" of interest on donations to the party.

"But they are green shoots, we need more like green trees," Mr Greiner said.

The party president said he was proud of Mr Turnbull's government, which is heading for an election within the next 11 months.

He said the policy differences between the coalition government and Labor were as stark as any time since 1993.

Mr Turnbull is due to address the party faithful on Saturday.