Trouble sleeping? Try camping

December 13, 2017

A few days spent camping can "rapidly" reset a person's body clock, according to a study.

The solution to sleeping woes could be as simple as a weekend away camping, suggest American scientists.

Many people sit up late into the night watching TV or fiddling with their smartphones, making it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep.

This habit can cause about a two-hour delay in a person’s internal clocks and the consequences can be far-reaching.

‘‘Late circadian and sleep timing in modern society are associated with negative performance and health outcomes such as morning sleepiness and accidents, reduced work productivity and school performance, substance abuse, mood disorders, diabetes, and obesity,’’ says Kenneth Wright at the University of Colorado Boulder.

He said the study had found a few days spent camping could ‘‘rapidly’’ reset a person’s body clock.

With increased time spent outdoors in natural light, people in the study started going to bed at a more reasonable hour. Their internal clocks, measured by the timing of when melatonin levels began to rise in their bodies, shifted more than 2.5 hours earlier.

If a person wants to go to bed at an earlier hour, then a weekend spent camping could be just the thing, Wright says.

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