Crowds gather in park to remember Dixon

By AAP Newswire

Thousands of people have gathered at the site where comedian Eurydice Dixon was raped and murdered in Melbourne, with organisers saying vandals won't detract from the night's vigil.

Offensive markings were found about 3.50am painted on the North Carlton sporting field where flowers and tributes have amassed since the shock attack on the 22-year-old last week.

"It is frustrating that vandals will come and try to make a mess of an important memorial, but thankfully it's been cleared very quickly," organiser Tiara Shafiq told AAP on Monday night.

"Were not going to let any vandals try and win this moment... We will stand together regardless."

Thousands of people have arrived to pay their respects to Ms Dixon at the Reclaim Princes Park vigil, while other vigils are being held around the country.

They come five days after Ms Dixon was raped and killed on her way home from a comedy show at the Highlander Bar in the CBD on Tuesday night.

Jessica McBain, 26, from Coburg, said she thought it was important to come together to send a message.

"You keep being told what to do, how be safe, but I think at some point there's always going to be a risk," she told AAP from the field in Melbourne.

"I think people need to understand that and coming together to say we're allowed to exist is kind of important to me."

Earlier, Victoria Police called those who graffitied the makeshift memorial at the site cowards.

Items were been seized from the scene on Monday and the dog squad went through the area, with the investigation ongoing.