Solar farms are on the rise

December 26, 2017

The list of solar farms in the region continues to grow, with Mulwala the next location of interest.

The list of solar farms in the region continues to grow, with Mulwala the next location of interest.

ESCO Pacific, which is also developing the Finley Solar Farm, is yet to lodge a formal submission but it is likely to be a $130million, 140MW project which will cover up to 270ha of grazing and cropping land on Savernake Rd.

Because of the size of the project, the submission will be handled by the NSW Department of Planning, rather than the Federation Council.

‘‘The NSW Department of Planning will be receiving and assessing the application due to the size of the development. ESCO Pacific have indicated that they are hoping to lodge the application early in 2018,’’ a Federation Council spokesperson said.

Despite not assessing the application, the Federation Council will play an important role in the decision-making process.

‘‘Council is a key stakeholder and is required to provide comment in regards to the development,’’ the spokesperson said.

‘‘Council is required to provide any concerns that may arise in regards to this development and to provide advice to the applicant and the NSW Department of Planning.’’

The solar farm would be made up of 400000 solar panels installed on ground-mounted frames and ESCO Pacific’s scoping report revealed the reasons for Mulwala being chosen.

‘‘Mulwala has been chosen as the location of the solar farm because of the relatively high solar irradiance in the region and the capacity of the Essential Energy electricity network to transmit the power generated by the project,’’ the report read.

According to the council, this is not the only new solar farm set for the area, with interest from other developers in a site on the outskirts of Corowa.

In other news, the Murray River Shire has had discussions with a developer in relation to another solar farm in Moama but, as is the case with Mulwala and Corowa, official submissions have not yet been made and the council can not confirm if an application will be lodged.

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