Message from Greater Shepparton City Council

By Shepparton News

Did you know every day Australians use about 10million plastic bags?

That is four billion every year.

While they can be handy when doing the grocery shopping, if they are not disposed of correctly, they litter our streets and end up in our rivers causing great harm to our wildlife and our environment.

There are a number of reusable bags available for use now.

The best ones are made from natural fibres, such as bamboo, calico or cotton, or even created by you with old fabric or clothes.

Remembering to take a reusable bag with you when you go shopping means you are doing a wonderful thing for the planet and the people you share it with.

If you do happen to use a plastic bag, instead of disposing of it in your red-lid bin, take it with you next time you go to the supermarket where it will be collected and recycled as part of a recycle program.

By reducing our consumption of them, reusing them and finding environmentally friendly alternatives, we can all reduce the amount of plastic bags going to landfill.