Look up in the sky

By Contributor

Sacred Heart Primary School students were awarded to a life-sized aeromedical simulator last week as part of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) Education Program, ‘Look Up in the Sky.’ 

The fuselage and cockpit visited Sacred Heart Primary between Wednesday, June 6 and Friday, June 8, sharing stories of the Flying Doctor with students of all age groups as it marks a milestone of 90 years since its first flight.  

The simulator, measuring almost 15m long, enhances the RFDS Education Program by offering an incursion activity that sees children’s faces light-up with joy as they go on board. 

RFDS Education Program Manager, Tom Ryan said “there is one rule on board our aeromedical simulator - there are no rules.

“The kids can press buttons, try the breathing apparatus and talk to each other with a headset. “It’s all action as they learn about the vastness of Australia and how other families live around our country, and how they receive medical care.” 

The ‘Look Up in the Sky!’ Education Program has been running since 2011 and has reached more than 18,000 children across Victoria, Tasmania and NSW. 

In addition to the incursion, the RFDS Education Program helps teachers apply the Australian Curriculum through its ‘Look Up in the Sky!’ online education tool

The online resource with videos, lessons, resources and more connects children from the city to those of their same age in country areas.  

It details the history and activities of the School of the Air and also engages children with planes, rescue missions and more.

“We know from our ‘Look Up in the Sky!’ Education Program in Victoria that children are incredibly curious and inspired by information, especially how the Flying Doctor helps them learn about Australia’s history and geography.” said RFDS Victoria CEO Scott Chapman. 

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