Trip to the podiatrist is good for the sole

By Lachlan Durling

AS THE days get colder, the last thing you may be thinking about is your feet.

In fact, according to local podiatrist Jemima Draper, they’re often the last thing anyone thinks about when it comes to their health.

Yet, people are always using them.

“A lot of people who come in are often having trouble with little problems which have developed over time, it’s amazing how much pain people will put up with in their feet,” she said.

“Recently we’ve been dealing with general foot and nail care, assessments and arthritis treatment, we’re also getting more sports injuries coming into winter.

“But as it gets colder we’re expecting to see more people with chilblains.

“It’s down to the quick changes of temperature, so going from the cold to warming your feet up quickly — it’s a fairly common problem,” she said.

The giveaway is if your feet are red, swollen and itchy, but Jemima can help.

Her business is ever-expanding, opening in May last year, and she said they’ve gone from strength to strength.

“We’ve been really well received and we’re getting a lot of referrals from local doctors,” she said.

There’s also some good news for Stanhope residents — Kyabram Podiatry will be running a remote clinic on the first Tuesday of every month.

They’ve only recently taken over the role and will be in town on July 3 for consultations and treatments.

“It’s a service which they really need in the area; it’s great for people who can’t travel out of town,” Jemima said.

While they offer everything, from general care, orthotics and treatment for sports injuries to children’s podiatry, Jemima predicts Stanhope will be taking advantage of their diabetic foot assessments.

On other Tuesdays the clinic is roving but can still be reached on 58522336, and the Kyabram clinic is open Wednesday to Friday.

For the month of July, Kyabram Podiatry is offering $20 off an orthotic consult if you mention Ky in July.