Tractors get technology boost

January 22, 2018

John Deeer has introduced new guidance and machine data sharing technology.

John Deere has introduced its latest advanced guidance and machine data sharing technology with the addition of three new AutoTrac applications and a new In-Field Data Sharing application for its Generation 4 Displays.

AutoTrac Turn Automation, AutoTrac Implement Guidance, AutoTrac Vision for Tractors, and In-Field Data Sharing applications are being sold as bundled activations for John Deere 4600 CommandCenter and as bundled subscriptions for 4640 Universal Displays.

‘‘These new applications are machine-specific bundled activations with the 4600 CommandCenter and provide late-model John Deere machine owners with outstanding technology value,’’ John Deere precision agriculture product marketing manager John Mishler said.

For owners of machines equipped with a 4640 Display, the applications are offered as bundled one or five-year subscriptions.

AutoTrac Turn Automation makes end turns smooth, consistent and comfortable for operators during tillage, planting, seeding or other pre-emerge applications when using straight track guidance modes.

Mr Mishler said the new application for tractors provided automation across the paddock rather than just between headlands

It allows operators to focus on machine and job performance while reducing operator fatigue.

When AutoTrac Turn Automation is activated, the machine functions previously required at the end of the paddock, when operating drawn implements, no longer require user input.

‘‘For example, making end turns, raising and lowering the implement, PTO control, 3-point hitch functions and speed can be established in sequences from one setup page to become automated,’’ Mr Mishler said.

AutoTrac Implement Guidance (passive) enables the tractor to move off the intended path or guidance line in order to achieve expected accuracy of the implement.

Mr Mishler said implement drift could diminish accuracy of the implement while the tractor is travelling on the guidance line.

‘‘AutoTrac Implement Guidance helps operators improve pass to pass accuracy by placing the implement consistently on the guidance line, helping to reduce the impact of implement drift,’’ he said.

AutoTrac Implement Guidance is ideal for first-pass tillage, planting, seeding, strip till or other applications with drawn implements when using straight or curve-tracking modes and when operating on hillsides.

AutoTrac Vision Guidance was previously released for John Deere 30-Series and newer sprayers. Now, John Deere is expanding the application to include 7X30 large-frame, 8X30 and 8X30T, 7R and 8R/8RT tractors.

In-Field Data Sharing makes it easier for producers to co-ordinate multiple machines working in the same paddock. Operators can use the application to share coverage, application, yield and moisture maps along with straight tracks and circle tracks with up to six other machines.

The application helps machines to work together more efficiently, reducing skips, overlap, fuel and input costs for producers.

During planting, seeding, harvesting, spraying and nutrient application, In-Field Data Sharing helps producers maximise each pass through the paddock.

‘‘It’s easy to share and check maps with In-Field Data Sharing,’’ Mr Mishler said.

‘‘Operators can monitor machines’ as-applied maps to see if they’re properly calibrated and performing in a similar manner, thus maximising machine performance.’’

Each of the four new applications is compatible with the John Deere 4640 Universal Display and with Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter displays.

Activations and subscriptions are immediately available for ordering. Delivery will take place beginning in February.

For more information, visit your local John Deere dealer.

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